Yes, sown hair can be shed 1 month after sowing. During hair transplantation, the hair follicles in the other part of the patient’s head are removed and surgically placed into the cavities. Hair is planted with 2 different methods. The hair shedding, and both methods can be challenging. The patient should remain calm when faced with this condition. It is a natural condition to have hair loss after hair transplantation. The main reason for this is that the body wants to remove the old hair from its skin and remove the fresh and livelier hair from the bottom instead. The amount of hair loss varies according to the method of hair transplantation, the structure of the patient’s skin, the quality of the hair being planted, and which method of hair transplantation is used.The amount of hair loss does not give an idea about the successful or unsuccessful process of hair transplantation.Anyone who has hair transplant can experience shock shedding.

After the hair transplantation, the patient should not touch the areas where the hair is planted, nor should they wear anything and wash it. Hair transplantation should not be done by anyone immediately after any application. The first washing and dressing is performed by the doctor approximately three days later or on the day determined by the specialist who performed the operation. In this respect, as long as the doctor allows the area to be washed can be driven care creams given. Then, after growing the hair grown in the future, the resulting hair can be shortened. When the hair is fully grown in the size of normal hair and all wounds are healed, every procedure can be performed. Hair transplant surgery is the most common treatment for hair loss.

Hair transplantation is one of the most common types of hair transplantation. On average, it can take up to 3 months to recover the location of the hair planted in the method of hair transplantation and where the roots are taken. The healing process varies from person to person, depending on the different types of skin and hair follicles planted. Likewise, after 3 months, after the patient’s scalp shows improvement, about 6 months after the new hair will start to come out. About 10 months after the hair is removed, hair growth and elongation occurs. The most important factor affecting this period is the characteristics of the patient’s body and how much the region of the operation responds to this process.

The answer to this question is somewhat dependent on the healing process and psychology of the patient undergoing hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, it takes time for the surface of the patient’s scalp to fully heal. In some patients, the duration of crusting may improve by one to two weeks, while in some patients it may take three months. The growth and self-determination of the roots planted by the person who has hair transplantation can take up to 6 months. The lengthening of the hair can be found for about 12 months. In general, during this time, the roots of the cultivation and hair from there should be well looked at and regularly recommend care. Most experts do not recommend taking any action within a year.

About the last 20 years, most of the people, especially men, are in demand for hair transplantation process. Intense stress and nutrition from past to present, etc. the number of people suffering from hair loss caused by causes has increased. And the ever-increasing beauty and aesthetic curiosity has also played an important role in the development of the hair transplantation process and finding new techniques. Hair transplantation is the most preferred method of fue. Fue method; hair transplantation is the procedure in which the hair follicles in the nape of the person to be performed, are taken from the roots without a single incision being made on the skin in which they are located, and the cultivation of the necessary area is done carefully by expert people.

Fue is one of the methods of hair transplantation. And this method is more preferred by patients and doctors. Although the fue method is an operation that involves less incision and application, it is still possible to have rashes and irritation on the skin of the patient. The important things that the patient should take care of will be stated to him by the specialist who performs the operation. After the hair transplantation, the patient should take care to use the drugs given to him by his doctor regularly. It is also recommended that you do not wash your hair in any way for a period of three days and that you do not use any lotion. All these dressings should be made by the doctor in the first week. The patient should avoid any activities that make him sweat.

In the same day, the person who underwent hair transplantation in the fue method can return to his daily life immediately after the operation. The most important thing that the patient needs to pay attention to here is to learn all the things that he or she needs to pay attention to after this operation and to learn about the process. After the operation, it is recommended that the person return to his / her daily life and stay and rest in his / her home, although it is not compulsory. It is forbidden to touch or scratch the patient’s head in any way.  The drugs and supplements given to the patient by his doctor should be used without interruption. About 3 days after the examination appointment should be definitely go and the first wash, dressing should be done by experts.

Hair transplantation with FUE method is suitable for all seasons. This operation can be performed every season when the patient wants it. Hair transplantation with the fue method will be done when the patient’s own disease, work or material, etc. it can vary according to factors. If you are looking for a hair transplant, you will need to know that you are looking for a hair transplant. After hair transplantation, the head area should be kept in a cool place as much as possible and dust, soil, such as debris should be prevented from coming to the skin of the hair. Considering all these things to be considered, the most appropriate season to perform the operation is autumn months.

An individual who has made a decision on hair transplantation, hair transplantation operation is done on a person who specializes in this and find him. Hair transplantation is a procedure that is more complex and open to complications. This is why you should go to someone who is expert and experienced in hair transplantation. Before this procedure, the expert assesses the general condition of the area that contains the hair that the patient will use for hair transplantation and decides how to do the planting process by calculating the symmetrical suitability of the area around the face to be planted. The graft is the part of the patient that is taken over the scalp for cultivation and then the hair follicles are prepared for cultivation. The people who are experts on the calculation of the graft, the patient received from the hair of the area where the graffiti is located and how intensive it will be, look at the state of it is in the quality of your hair and decide.

Yes, it can be applied easily. In recent years, with the development of hair transplantation procedures and the renewal of devices and techniques, women such as men can now benefit from this service. Hair loss in women as intense as men can be experienced. There are many causes of hair loss, but in most women the male type of hair loss called the front part of the loss can be seen. This method is seen flawlessly, especially in women who experience this type of shedding. With the advantage of the Fue method, hair transplantation can be done easily in patients experiencing regional shedding. Today, women suffer from shedding at least as much as men. There are hundreds of female patients who have hair transplantation by fue method.

Hair transplantation is wrong to say that it can be applied to every person. Hair transplantation is unfortunately not done to every person. Before hair transplantation can be done, the patient’s health condition should be investigated. In this case, all the necessary tests should be done by taking blood from the patient. Then the patient and the doctor discussed the medication and whether any discomfort during the examination and you should learn about where you saw it. If the patient is in the process of chemotherapy such as hair transplantation is not done to these people. Or expert should check whether the patient’s scalp hair transplantation is a skin disease. Hair transplantation is not performed on patients who have eczema or hair breakers. This procedure is also not performed in patients with weak hair roots.

The patient should have hair transplantation done to a person who is experienced and expert in this subject. This is because, before the hair transplantation is done, the roots to be planted where and how much to take root based on experience and accumulation decides. Hair transplantation in inexperienced hands can cause problems for some patients. The graft, which cannot be calculated well, and the number of roots that are taken at least can cause the place where the sowing is done to appear empty later. The root of the wrong place or the nape part of the root as needed to be taken more than the nape of the person’s nape or the place taken may appear more empty than it is. Therefore, the expert should be preferred with the best accumulation in this regard. The roots taken for planting do not grow hair again in place.

There are two methods for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a very important procedure to be performed in these two methods. Although the fue method sounds simple compared to the other method, it is still a complex operation. And the removal of hair follicles from the patient’s scalp, etc. it houses operations. During this operation, doctors apply local anesthesia according to the frequency. And during the removal of the roots, the patient’s scalp may bleed if small, etc. situations can occur. Therefore, if the patient has any discomfort, it should be learned. This procedure is not performed especially for people who have HIV or hepatitis. Doctors also take the necessary precautions in individuals with blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Hair transplantation is not necessary for the patient to wait too long. Hair transplantation is not an operation that requires a lot of surgical intervention. Before hair transplantation, the patient should come to the specialist and undergo a pre-examination. After the examination process is completed, the blood tests are taken to see if there is any disease. The doctor will then examine the quality of the patient’s hair and measure the spilt part of the hair, and decide where to get the graft. After the patient speaks the required fee and the process after the operation, the appropriate day is determined. The operation varies from patient to patient and according to the specialist who will perform the operation, but can take between 6-8 hours on average.

It is not true to give a precise number of sessions for hair transplantation. Because hair transplantation varies according to patient, expert and various conditions. Although hair transplantation is a simple operation, it can still take at least 6-8 hours. Although rare, some patients do not get the desired results with a single session. This is usually due to the patient’s hair roots or the operation does not give the desired effect. In patients, the number of sessions can be increased by the expert until the desired result is obtained from hair transplantation. Sometimes they have sensitive roots and skin, or sugar, etc. patients with the condition usually have more than one session. This time varies according to the patient and the specialist.

Although hair transplantation is a smaller application than other surgical procedures, it is a careful operation.The hair transplant procedure is performed by a specialist who will perform a general examination of the patient. The patient’s hair area is then examined and the location of the shedding is determined, the size of the area opened and how much graft will be required, which areas of the donor roots will be taken and the procedure will be done with which method is decided. Before the hair transplant procedure, the expert should carefully calculate all of these. It also varies depending on the patient’s hair root characteristics and the experience of the specialist who will perform the procedure.

The cost of hair transplantation can vary according to the doctor who performed this operation and the center that was built. The cost of hair transplantation may vary from person to person and according to the doctor’s expertise. Another of the main factors that changes the price is how large the area where the patient’s hair is shed and the area to be sown. However, depending on how much Root is added to the parts of the patient’s hair that are empty and how much space is taken from the donor, prices play out as well. There are many factors that affect the cost. One of these can sometimes be the district or city where the center is located. As the number and duration of the sessions to be applied to the patient increases, the cost increases. It can also be in the drugs and ointments that the patient needs to use.

There are some things that need to be considered before and after the planting of the roots to shorten the hair. The hair needs to be of a certain length in order to be planted on the skin of the patient. The cultivation of hair follicles taken without proper size is also distressed. People who will perform hair transplantation usually have their hair hit Number 1 where they will perform the operation. Then, hair follicles are collected from the skin and sowing process is done. After the hair transplantation procedure, the patient’s scalp will take time to heal, so absolutely nothing should touch this area. The lengthening of the hair is approximately 1 year. During this time, growing hair can be carefully shortened with the help of scissors.It is necessary to be careful until the time envelope indicated by your expert.