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Beard Transplantation

Beards are seen as ‘make-up of men’ according to our people. Most men want wants thick and proper beard. Men without beard can have psychological problems (such as depression or lack of self- confidence) Although lacking or rare beard are not symptoms of any health problem, most men are not satisfied with it. Also, some people have no or rare beard. This situation is called ‘beardless’ and many men complain from it.

Genetic pass, various diseases, side effects of some drugs, physical traumas after accident, these are all reasons for having no or rare beard. But, as there is cure for baldness, having no beard or moustache also can be cured. FUT and FUE techniques that can be used in hair transplantation can also be used in beard transplantation. Lately, the operation of beard transplantation is in high demand. This operation can be applied to these areas: moustache, side whiskers, chin and cheeks.

Beard Transplantation Techniques

As FUT technique has problems such as scarring, every beard’s growing in the same direction: generally, FUE technique is used as it has many opportunities and advantages. In hair transplantation with FUE technique, collected folicles are waited in a solution, in beard transplantation; folicles are properly transplanted to the target area with modern technologies, proper to beard growth direction and angle. In the trackless FUE technique, beard will grow to a natural look.

How to Transplantate Beard?

The operation of beard transplantation is similar to the operation of hair transplantation. Strong folicles from another part of the body are collected and transferred to where they will be transplant. Grafts collected from the donor area are immediately transplanted, in consequent, they look natural. In order to have a natural beard appearance, folicles are taken from the beard part, and the neck part is accepted as the donor part that has the strongest folicles. If there are not enough beard, the donor part can be nape. As there are only single folicles at the beard part, it is highly important to choose single folicle while collecting grafts for a natural look.

Via same size and angle channels, there won’t be holes at the transplanted area. A natural look is provided with the roots transplanted in the same direction as the natural beard.

How Much Beard Should Be Transplanted?

The amount of the beard that will be transplanted is determined both by the shape of the face and examination and analyses of the consultant expert. Taking into consideration these analyses, it is decided if the person is appropriate for the operation.

Beard structure of the person, identified by experts, structure of the hairs, their growth direction, colour pigmentation, strength level of folicles enable the operation work accurately. Experts determine the amount of beard that will be transplant by examining these factors of which measurement should be done correctly.

Who Can Have Beard Transplantation?

People, whose beard is rare or none (beardless), also; everybody who has this problem because of reasons such as: scar, burnt, psychological problems, drug usage, accident or other environmental factors, can have beard transplantation.

Care of Beard after the Beard Transplantation Operation

After the operation, it is essential not to wash the transplanted area determined by the doctor, put on any chemical material to the area (aftershave lotion, perfume or cologne) and cut beard. Can be shaved by the date determined of the expert.

Does the Beard Transplantation Scar?

FUE Hair Transplantation System, which includes modern devices during the operation, does not leave any permanent scar except for temporary normal scars like: redness after the operation, blood trails, scab.

When Do Transplanted Hairs Grow?

The operation gives you ideal beard look after a year, also after 15 days, the broken hair’s loss start, after 3 months, folicles become obvious, and after 8 months, 60-70% of beard grows.

Is it possible to Shape Beard with Beard Transplantation?

It is possible to shape beard with beard transplantation. After removing the folicles of areas where they are rare or dispersed, the operation can be done

Cost of Beard Transplantation

Cost of the operation is determined before the treatment. You can decide the cost determined to the number of grafts that will be transplanted with our expert according to your needs.

The number of roots, determined according to the size of the transplantation area and to the quality of the grafts will determine the cost. The cost of beard transplantation determined to the number of grafts that will be transplanted is assigned by the patient and doctor in regard to needs of the patient.


Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Transplantation

1. Which area is preferred when collecting folicles for beard transplantation?

While nape area is mostly preferred for beard transplantation, chest, arm and leg areas can also be used as donor areas.

2. Can a burnt scar in the beard area be transplanted?

The burnt scar cannot be removed but via beard transplantation, scars such as preformed burnt, acne can be covered.

3. Can later transplanted beard be shaved like the natural one?

The transplanted beard is natural. So, it can be shaved from the date stated by the expert.

4. How much it lasts to transplant beard?

While it lasts about 5 hours, this period can change depending on the size of the area.

5. How many folicles are transplanted during the beard transplantation?

About 1500-4000 folicle transplantation can be made to full beardless patients. Root density, size of the area and wants of the patient determines the number of folicles.