Nasia Hair Transplant - DHI - Choi Pen Saç Ekimi

DHI Hair Transplantation Operation

DHI is the most improved and preferred technique, in which there is no obligation to cut all the hair. It is the most desired method, which is an operation in which methods such as stitching and cut are not used when opening channels. Hair grows thicker and healthier compared to other techniques. Choi (DHİ) hair transplantation technique, which is done with the modern anaesthetic technique: sedation application, includes folicles taken from donor area to be planted thick and one by one, without making holes.

DHI Hair Transplantation Operation

The person that will have the operation should firstly have a preliminary examination with an expert. Before the operation, using special devices, the hair is analysed by examining factors like its quality, possibility of fall, thickness, and shape. This process is important in that the hair’s looking natural and aesthetic. After results, the expert will take the best decision on which technique to use and how much to use according to the analyses. DHI hair transplantation method, which lasts less than other methods, results better because: grafts collected from nape or ear-back grows the hair healthy and strong as they wait outside less.

Hair Growth Duration

The transplanted hair grows in 1 year the latest. In the operation done without opening channel, scab lasts only for a week. Scabs are gone after the second week. After the third, new hair start growing, and by the sixth, 80% of all possible hair is seen. About one year after the operation, the patient will have reached the look of natural and thick hair.

What Differentiates DHI Technique from Other Ones

Even if it is longer and harder from FUE technique, its healing period is shorter and the transplanted hair grows thicker and more natural compared to hairs transplanted with other techniques. DHI technique, along with hair transplantation, can be used for also beard and eyebrow transplantation. Folicles are collected one by one and without waiting, transplantated to the bald area via a medical pencil thicker than other methods.

Advantages of DHI Method

DHI method has many advantages that differentiate it from other techniques. While collecting samples from the healthy area, no harm is given to the folicle. Furthermore, the person after the operation carried out on unshaved area, can continue his/her life in the shortest time, also no scar is left as no cut operation is done. The donor area, from which a sample was collected without stitching, can heal in e very short time. As the natural structure of the hair is examined by expert carefully, and the operation is done taking into consideration these findings, the transplanted hair will look natural. Compared to other methods, more hair grows and the hair can be washed one day after the operation day. In FUE technique, 3 days the least is necessary to wash the hair after the operation.

Cost of DHI

Hair transplantation with DHI method, which requires manual skill and is done by an expert, is done according to your need and want and in the way the doctor thinks appropriate. As every graft is transplanted one by one, this technique lasts longer than other ones and the cost of the operation depends upon the number of grafts and qualified folicles, so there is not a fixed price. Also, it is more expensive than FUE technique because the pencil and micro needles are used unique to every one of the grafts.


Frequently Asked Questions About DHI/Implanter Hair Transplantation Technique

1. Does my transplanted hair look natural?

There will be no obvious difference between the hair transplanted with DHI technique and your natural hair.

2. Who can have hair transplantation with DHI technique?

Everybody who needs and wants it can benefit from this method.

3. Does grafts need to be waited while DHI hair transplantation?

Folicles are transplanted immediately after collecting to the bald area. The most important advantage of DHI hair transplantation method is: grafts that did not wait gives a natural and vivacious appearance.

4. Does implanter hair transplantation method have any disadvantage?

No, this method has no disadvantages.