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Eyebrow Transplant

Facial area bears an important place in social life.Apart from the mouth, nose, hair and ear texture, eyebrows also forms facial aesthetics. A good looking face makes an individual confident in social life. Apart from hair transplant, with the same technic, beard, mustache and eyebrow transplant can be applied.  Eyebrow transplant operation done with the advanced technology and method applied in eyebrow loss or in naturally bald eyebrows, strengthens the eyebrows.

Eyebrow loss or not growing eyebrows can occur because eyebrows are injured, are burnt, because of long-term burn injury treatement, hormone therapy or various diseases.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Eyebrow transplant procedure must be applied in a sterilized environment by specialist doctors with the most preffered technic FUE. After opening a channel in the area, by extracting hair from the back of the neck, which is chosen as donor area, the extracted hair placed in this channel. The desired eyebrow model of the patient is determined together with the doctor. Before the operation, the model is drawn on the eyebrow area of ​​the person and eyebrow transplantation is provided in accordance with the patient’s request after the operation. The density and thickness of the drawn model determine the number of follicles to be taken.

The directions of the hair follicles taken from the donor area are determined one by one and separated with great care.The smallest error in this process distorts the appearance of the eyebrows.Before the start of eyebrow transplantation, another painless process lasting approximately 2 hours is applied. The area of transplant anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then, very small channels are opened through the lateral slit to hold and place the follicles to be transplanted. Patient who needs to protect the eyebrow area from external factors can go his/her home after the operation.

Is Eyebrow Transplantation Painful?

During or after the eyebrow transplant operation, no pain is felt. However, since new eyebrows contain hair follicles, they will grow continuously for 1 year compared to normal eyebrows. Eyebrows can be shortened at regular intervals to maintain the natural eyebrow appearance.

After the Eyebrow Transplant Operation

Approximately 14 days after eyebrow transplant operation, coming off of the scabs is a natural process that states that the follicles are renewed and there is no need to worry. In most of the renewed follicles, eyebrows are grown in 3 months, while eyebrows from all follicles usually take 6 months.

Outcome of the Eyebrow Transplant Operation

6 months after the operation, when all eyebrows grow and shape, plucking eyebrows, giving shape to eyebrows are not harmful for eyebrow follicles. The growth period of the eyebrows in the eyebrow area where the hair follicle is transplanted begins to normalise after about one year. About 1 year after eyebrow transplantation, new follicules can be transplanted in the eyebrow area. There is no age restriction.

Who Needs Eyebrow Transplantation?

In general, people who have done continuous eyebrow pluckings and people who have thin eyebrows as well as people who want to have fashionable thick eyebrows. Those who have been exposed to negative conditions and trauma can also want eyebrow transplantation apart from hair and eyelash transplantation. So they get their natural look.

Price of the Eyebrow Transplantation

The amount of follicule to be transplanted is determined according to the shape of the eyebrow by the specialist and the price is determined according to this amount. In addition, the price of eyebrow transplantation will be lower than hair transplantation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eyebrow Transplantation

1) Do my eyebrows look natural after the operation?

When the eyebrow transplantation process is planned by the experts in an appropriate way, the eyebrows look as natural as your previous natural eyebrows when done with the right team and equipment.

2) When do my eyebrows reach the desired length?

Eyebrows start growing after about 3 months and they reach the desired length after about 1 year.

3) Does the eyebrow transplant have to be renewed?

Since the transplanted eyebrows will not come off, there is no need to re-transplant.

4) Can eyebrow transplantation be performed before or after a certain age?

There is no age limit for eyebrow transplantation.

5) What should I consider when deciding the shape of the eyebrow?

The person and hair transplant specialist, depending on the person’s eyebrow ideal, determines the eyebrow line frequency and thickness of the eyebrow.

6) Which ways can I apply instead of eyebrow transplantation?

There is no formula other than eyebrow transplantation for the natural appearance of thinned or eyebrows that come off. Eyebrows that cannot be grown with cosmetics and medication can only be transplanted with follicules.

7) How many follicules can be transplanted in eyebrow transplantation?

According to the hair loss rate and the demand of the patient, the average number of follicules to be transplanted in the eyebrow transplantation is 600.

8) Do transplanted eyebrows retain its permanence?

Yes, your new and natural eyebrows will accompany you for lifelong.