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Hair Transplant with Needle Free Anesthesia

Nowadays, many people are affected by stress, dirty air, intense work schedule, genetically modified food etc. Some patients experience hair loss because of their genetics or because of these negative factors. Many people who have alopecia or thinning, prefer hair transplantation. However, some of the patients are quite afraid of the local anesthesia done with a needle in the hair transplantation process. So, they postpone the procedure that they always thought about having. Needle phobia causes them to avoid treatment. For such patients, we have methods of treatment using the latest technology in our clinic. Needle-free hair transplant is applied to our patients who have needle phobia. In this method, a different method than the method generally followed for anesthesia is used.

What is the Method of Application for Hair Transplant with Needle-Free Anesthesia?

Normally, a needle is used during the process of hair transplant. Lately, needle-free hair transplantation operations are preferred more since some of the patients are afraid of needles and needle-free method has more advantages. micro surgical methods are used in Needle-free hair transplant operations. With this method, a lot of hair transplantation processes such as FUE and DHI, are being carried out. During the needle-free hair transplant, a special tool is used for local anesthesia. To transplant the follicles taken from the donor area of the anaesthetized patient, different tools, such as implanters, are used. Hair transplant using laser can be also applied to patients if requested. There is no intervention with needle throughout the operation. Any patient who has a fear of needles, can go through hair transplantation easily with this method.

Where are the Follicles Extracted from in Hair Transplant with Needle-Free Anesthesia?

During the first examination, we conduct a general observation of the patient applying for hair transplant. After the preliminary examination, we analyze the hair considering the hair problems the individual has. A hair analysis done well, significantly improves the success rate of the transplantation. The areas where the patient has thinning and hair loss and where healthy hair follicles are present are identified. Sufficient number of the healthiest follicles are extracted to be used during the hair transplant process. In the normal method, the follicles are extracted with the help of a needle, while this new method allows the extraction of the necessary hair follicles without a needle. In order to do that, the donor area where the follicles will be extracted is determined. Then the hair is shaved and marked carefully. An expert anaesthetizes this area. The grafts are collected from the locally anaesthetized area by the expert. After there are sufficient number of grafts, these are carefully transplanted to the bald area one by one. One of the most important features of this method is that no needles are used in the transplant and the extraction.

How Long Does the Hair Transplant with Needle-Free Anesthesia Operation Take?

The duration of the hair transplant with needle-free anesthesia operation varies depending on how many follicles will be extracted and transplanted and the method and the skills of the expert. Usually, hair transplant with needle-free anesthesia takes about 4 to 8 hours. Local anesthesia without the use of needles can be done through spraying. That way, the anesthetic substance can get under the skin and the patient does not feel any pain through the operation. There are no differences between anesthesia with or without needles. They both perform at the same level in terms of local anesthesia.

What Are the Advantages of Hair Transplant with Needle-Free Anesthesia?

While hair transplant with needle-free anesthesia has a number of benefits, the biggest advantage is undoubtedly saving the needle-phobic patient from the fear and providing an alternative solution. Some patients who have had anesthesia with needles state that they feel pain and get very nervous while the anesthetic substance is given. Some also complain that needle puncturing hurts them a lot. Needle free anesthesia rescues the patient from all of these complaints. Another advantage is the prevention of unnecessary punctures as anesthesia is applied to the head area of the patient.  Since the anesthetic substance is given by spraying in the needle-free method, exposure to excess anesthesia is significantly reduced. In addition to that, risk of infection is also decreased as there will be no extra use of needles.

How Is the Healing Process of Hair Transplant with Needle-Free Anesthesia?

After the hair transplant with needle-free anesthesia, the recovery process is faster compared to classical method, as there will be no use of needles.  After this operation, scabs and scars on the operated area occur less. Needle-free anesthesia highly contributes to a faster healing process.