Nasia Hair Transplant - Saç Mezoterapisi

Hair Mesotherapy

As almost every person has hair loss problem, ways to treat it are consistently researched. Our health institution is always following modern treatment methods and uses them. As our operations are painless, so appropriate for children, they are applied by educated and experienced experts.

Thanks to mesotherapy method, nurtured and now strong hair does not fall anymore. It is used in hair loss problems resulting from seasonal variation, alopecia which is more common in men, Alopecia Areata, pregnancy, stress and imbalance in hormone release and lack of nutrition of folicles.

Hair Mesotherapy Application

Structure and thickness of the hair, strength of folicles and hair strands are examined and detected before treatment by experts. This operation is very important so as not to have a healthy and aesthetic problem. Hairs are softened and become ready to mesotherapy by thermotherapy.

The mixture containing materials such as vitamin, blood circulation boost, mineral, oligo is injected into middle layer of the skin. Mesotherapy can be injected by hand and also with the computer aided mesotherapy gun. Dose of the drug is arranged via computer and distributed evenly to surface of the scalp.  Because needles are thin, whole process realized painless and it is controlled by computer.

After applying hair mesotherapy, hair should not be washed in any way and should not be contacted with any chemicals (such as shampoo, conditioner).

Mesotherapy Duration and Number of Sessions

The duration of mesotherapy used in facial rejuvenation is approximately two and a half months.Therapy applied with a special medical device with small sessions of about 15 minutes (approximately 30 minutes for women), if it is required, is completed by applying to small areas in 5-10 sessions. Sessions applied once a week are completed in 10 weeks. According to circumstance, sessions after the 10th week can be continued once a month.

Who can benefit from hair mesotherapy?

Painless hair mesotherapy can be suitable for children and everyone who has hair loss. Anyone can benefit.

Components of Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy consists of injecting various drugs into the middle layer of the scalp: Mezocaine, Procaine and Lidocaine are applied to numb the scalp. ADN is injected to revive the scalp. In addition to Peridil, Heparin and Buflomedil, which expand the vessels, B5, Vit H, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Minoxidil or similar groups of vitamins are injected if needed.

Effects of Hair Mesotherapy

Compared to the past, more bright and abundant hair growing and enhancing target tissue by preventing hair loss are among the effects of hair mesotherapy. The person gets healthier and more vibrant hair.It gives vitality and health back to the hair by applying the necessary vitamins, minerals and similar components to the hair.

After hair mesotherapy, of which side effects are not officially determined yet, the hair cells that lose their vitality are fed and regain their health and revitalize the hair.

Additional Therapies that can be applied with Hair Mesotherapy

During the operation, additional treatments may be applied by methods such as hair laser and radio frequency depending on the patient’s condition.

Does Hair Mesotherapy guarantee the treatment?

Since all the components needed by the hair follicles and cells are injected into the scalp by injection, a high rate of success is achieved. At the end of several sessions, hair loss is permanently terminated. After approximately 10 sessions, hair mesoretapy can be successful and stimulates the hair cells that are alive but not able to grow hair and provide healthy hair growth.


Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Mesotherapy

1. Is Mesotherapy effective for new hair growth?

Mesotherapy procedure which does not provide new hair growth, strengthens the existing hair and prevents hair loss.

2. How long does a Mesotherapy session last?

Mesotherapy session lasts about 25-30 minutes.

3. How many sessions does it take to complete mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy procedure is completed approximately in 10 sessions.

4. Does my hair permanently heal after hair mesotherapy procedure?

Mesotherapy method strengthens your hair permanently.

5. What is the success rate of the hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy’s effects on hair are great. Change can be seen easily when mesotherapy is applied to hair which is started falling and thinning.