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Unshaved Hair Transplant

Hair is one of the factors affecting the appearance of the person. Hair that has been damaged by genetic or external factors, with little or no growth is a big problem for men. Recently, studies have been carried out to eliminate this problem with unshaved hair transplantation which is quite popular.

What is this Unshaved Hair Transplant

For standard hair transplantation, men have to shave their hair to perform the procedure. But you get rid of shaving your hair with unshaved hair transplantation method.With this method, hair transplantation and healing processes occur naturally while the person continues his / her daily life.

How Is Unshaved Hair Transplantation Applied?

In this method, the follicles taken from the neck of the person transferred to the required location. In fact, the same procedure is done with the standard hair transplantation process. But what distinguishes this method from other methods is that the hair is not shaved. Therefore, this method is preferred more.

Healing Process

As mentioned above, the standard hair transplantation procedures are applied exactly in this method, the recovery process after hair transplantation does not show any difference.  Although the desired appearance is achieved after about a year, hair starts to grow within three months. In this process, scabs forming in the transplantation area heal within 8-10 days. Remember that these methods do not cause any permanent scar.

Price of Unshaved Hair Transplantation

We would like to quote a net price but unfortunately this is not possible. As in the prices of standart hair transplantation, price of this method may vary. Where the hair transplantation is carried out, number of the follicles may result in change in price. For a net price, the area which will be transplanted should be analyzed.

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Unshaved Hair Transplantation – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are suitable for this method?

For the ones who does not want to shave during the procedure of hair transplantation.

2. What is the advantages and disadvantages?

One of the most important advantages and features is not shaving the area of transplantation. The patient can continue his/her daily life after the operation. This situation especially stands out for long-haired people.

There isn’t any disadvantages affecting the patient in negative ways during this applied transplantation procedure.

3. Is this method more expensive than the standart hair transplantation?

Price may vary according to the size of the transplantation area. We can say that this method is more expensive than the standart method because it demands more time and care.

We would like to remind you again that you can contact us for price and other details.

4. Does any loss happen in the transplanted hair?

As it is seen in various hair transplantation methods, transplanted hair is for lifetime.