Nasia Hair Transplant -Fue Tekniği İle Saç Ekimi

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

One of the issues that bothers especially men is alopecia or hairloss. Many factors can cause hair loss. While new research is being carried out frequently, our team uses advanced and current methods in their treatments.

Introduced in 2006, Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) method, is the pain free method of transplantation in which hair follicles are extracted from the healthy area one by one and injected where hair does not grow. This hair transplant method that is pain free thanks to local anesthesia and done with grafting, is the most advanced and applied method. FUE procedure is done through the extraction of short tips of 0.7-0.8 mm and hair follicles and requires great attention during the procedure, as well as detailed work. In addition to hair transplant; eyebrow, mustache and beard transfer is also possible with FUE procedure. In a single session during which the patient is conscious and can watch the operation, 5 thousand to 18 thousand 750 hair follicles can be transplanted.

What to Do Before Hair Transplant?

You will need to rest approximately for 10 days after the operation. If you are working or studying, you need to schedule your work accordingly so that you can spend time on yourself for 10 days after the operation. During the operation, wearing clothes you feel comfortable in would be to your advantage.

Not using depression medications, painkillers, herbal remedies, vitamins and dietary supplements starting from 7 days before the operation is recommended. You must inform your doctor about the medications you are using. In addition to these, it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol 3 days prior to the operation.

FUE Method with Its Advantages

The hair is cut to grade 1 during new hair transplant operation. 10 days after the operation, the person can go back to their daily lives. There will be no cuts or stitches on the area where the hair will be extracted from. No scars will be left and no pain will be experienced after the procedure.

After the procedure of hair transplantation is carried out by an experienced specialist, with local anesthesia and without pain or major tissue loss, there will be no scars left. At least 5 thousand strands can be obtained after a hair transplant that is done paying attention to the natural hair growth angle and direction.

The maximum amount of strands that can be obtained with an operation that is not harmful to patient’s health is approximately 18 thousand 750. That means 60 hair follicles can be transplanted on each square centimeter. Latest technology FUE engine makes the hair transplant procedure more comfortable. In addition to all of these, there will be no hair loss for one to one and a half years after the transplant and the hair will stay the same color.

Step by Step FUE Method

FUE method includes 4 stages and takes approximately 6 to 9 hours. During the operation, the patients are given short breaks of 10-15 minutes to relieve themselves. The first stage of the most preferred FUE hair transplant method includes applications such as choosing the area that hair will be added, and local anaesthetization which takes about 1 hour. During the second step which takes about 3 hours, hair follicles are extracted from the donor tissues and placed in a solution between 4 and 10 degrees Celsius.

The third stage which takes about 3 hours is the most important stage of the operation. The channels on the area where transplant will be made are opened with special tools. The final stage takes about 3 hours as well. At the end of the operation, donor area of the patient is covered with bandages to be removed the next day. In the case of mild pain after the operation, the patient is given antibiotics for the risk of infection. Hair follicles become stronger within the week they are transplanted and begin to grow after 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, some or all of the growing hair will fall and break. Hair follicles begin to grow after a couple of weeks. Frontal hair grows properly within 6 to 8 months and the hair on top of the head within 8 to 12 months.

How Should Hair Be Washed After Hair Transplant?

The bandages are removed the next day or 2 days after the operation. Washing with the recommended lotion 3 days after the operation is recommended. The lotion should be rinsed after 30 minutes to one hour without rubbing. Then, a shampoo recommended by the doctor should be used gently and rinsed with warm water carefully. Do not touch with your nails. The hair should never be rubbed during or after washing. About for 10 days, after washing as described, you should put lotion on the hair and wait for the scabs to soften for 1 hour. After this period, you can wash pressing lightly for scabs to come off easier. The scabs will begin to come off within 10 days following the operation and completely disappear in 15 days.

Recommendations After the Hair Transplant Operation

The recommendations on washing the hair should be carefully followed. The transplanted area should not be hit anywhere and the bandages should be removed within one or two days after the operation. The hair should be washed in the hospital, if the patient will wash the hair on his/her own, this should be done 3 days after the operation.

The scabs must start to come off after one week and scabs still present after 10 days of the operation will impede the healing process. The patient should not go to pools, sea, sauna etc. during the 2-week period following the operation. A hat must be worn under the sun for a month after the operation. If all scabs come off after 10 days of the operation, the patient can use any shampoo he/she wants.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant with FUE

1. Are there any restrictions regarding hair transplant with FUE method?

No, hair transplant with FUE method is suitable for everybody.

2. Do I feel pain during hair transplant with FUE method?

You will not feel pain since the area will be locally anaesthetized before starting the operation.

3. How long does hair transplant with FUE method take?

Hair transplant with FUE method takes about 6 to 8 hours and this depends on the number of follicles to be transplanted.

4. Will there be any scars after hair transplant with FUE?

One of the differences between FUE and FUT is that there will be no scars left after FUE method.

5. How long does it take to see the final results after hair transplant with FUE method?

Your hair will heal completely in one year the latest.